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Grass-Fed Lamb: The All-Round Healthier Choice

Grass fed lamb refers to the animal’s diet. It is exactly as it sounds, in which the lamb is allowed to roam free on green pasture for their entire lives, including a healthy and natural diet of grass as well as herbs, flowers, clover and more.

Of course this is a much-preferred method of farming as it demonstrates high standards of animal welfare, which on its own accord, has proved to produce better tasting and higher quality meat.

What you may not know, however, is that grass-fed lamb is a healthy alternative to grain fed, with beneficial effects for the animals, the environment and our health.

Our Health

One of the main benefits of grass-fed lamb is the potential benefits it can have on our overall health. For starters, grass-fed meat is far leaner than grain-fed alternatives, consisting of higher levels of good fat – a major player being omega 3 (an essential fatty acid that has shown links to preventing heart disease, anxiety and depression and even cancer).

In fact, a study was published in The British Journal of Nutrition, which concludes that those who eat moderate amounts of grass-fed products maintain a healthier level of essential fats (such as omega 3) compared to those consuming grain-fed alternatives.

But the benefits go so much further than healthy fats; grass-fed lamb also contains higher levels of essential vitamins and minerals such as beta-carotene and vitamin E.

The Environment

Did you know, rearing lamb entirely on pasture has huge beneficial effects for the environment? It’s true!

According to expert Graham Harvey, agricultural advisor to BBC’s The Archers and author of Grass-Fed Nation, pastures do not require any form of fertilisers or harmful pesticides. This way, grass-fed farming eliminates the use of nitrates that produce toxic carbon emissions.

And, by encouraging livestock to graze on pastures, the fertility of the soil is maintained, which also plays a big part in minimising harmful carbon emissions.

The Animals

Being able to roam freely for their entire lives on luscious green pastures, our suppliers provide their lamb with the best possible lives. The animal welfare standards maintained are of the highest quality, resulting in nothing but top quality better-tasting cuts.

It’s also the most natural diet for the animals and this results in healthy livestock. In fact, animals like lamb that are fed a natural diet of pasture and forage tend to require less veterinary attention, and are unlikely to develop any health conditions.