Russell's - Butchers of Shenstone


BBQ Hire

Formal Dinner: 80-135 servings
Home Made Bread Buns and Apple Sauce:
90 - 250 servings

Delivered ready roasted:
If you are within 25 miles from Shenstone
we can roast your pig to a safe fully cooked
temperature at the shop then bring it along
to your event ready to carve on arrival.It will
not only be juicy and succulent but also piping hot.

Cooked at your event:
We will arrive about 7-8 hours before service is due
and set-up the hog roast at your venue to slowly cook.
We will return at a time specified by you to serve the pig,
the machines have a glass viewing panel which enables
your guests to build up an appetite as they see and smell
the roasting pig.

DIY Hire:
If you would rather just hire our machine and hog roast
your own pig (or buy a pig from us) you can collect a fully
serviced hog roaster along with gas and intuition.